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Hey yall, Hey!

I am the face behind the camera. 
I am a 29 year old, fun photographer based in the beautiful east Tennessee area.  I am a wife & a mommy of three beautiful girls! I have an obsession with Strawberry refreshers from Starbucks (you will likely always see one in my hand haha).
I approach each photo session with a unique perspective to best fit your style.
I specialize in Boudoir, because teaching other people to love their own bodies is truly my passion.
 I adore photographing weddings as well. Capturing the intense love a newlywed couple shares with one another, the tiny details, I just love, LOVE! So weddings are definitely my jaaaam! 
 I have been in business for over 8 years! I have all professional gear, including 3 cameras and multiple lenses. 
I love shooting outdoors! The natural sunlight kisses portraits so beautifully. However, I do have the knowledge & equipment to photograph inside as well. I have been blessed with the most amazing people to take photographs of throughout the years and I cannot wait to see what is in store in the years to come.

I keep my prices at an affordable rate, because I grew up in a home where having family portraits made were almost non existent due to high costs. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful high quality family portrait hanging on their Livingroom wall. And by choosing me as your photographer, you will get just that! 


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