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about nicki


Hey yall, Hey!
I am the face behind the camera. I am a 31 year old, fun photographer based in the beautiful east Tennessee area.  I am a wife & a mommy of three beautiful girls! I have an obsession with Strawberry refreshers from Starbucks & Cherry Alanis energy drinks! I approach each photo session with a unique perspective to best fit your style.
I have a love for creative sessions! I don't do the typical mediocre photography, i love having an idea and being able to bring that visual to life through my creative art.
Engagements & Weddings will always have my heart. I love being able to work with fun couples that trust my visions. I have captured over 200 love stories, in a variety of different states. I am down to travel anywhere in the us for weddings! I am the biggest hype girl you will ever meet & you would have an absolute blast with having me as your wedding photographer! 

I specialize in Boudoir, because not only have I taken classes to learn how to properly pose each & every body type (which is so important for weddings too), teaching other people to love their own bodies is truly my passion. Its so powerful seeing a person that was at first nervous about their session. owning & loving their body! I am SO honored to be apart of your Self-Love journey.

I have all professional gear. I have an inside Boudie Cave where most of my creative & boudoir sessions take place! I always have 4 different set up scenes for you to choose from for your session! I do love shooting outdoors as well! The natural golden sunlight kisses portraits so beautifully. I am always down to travel for photoshoots as well. I have been to 18 different states in just 2022. I have been blessed with the most amazing people to take photographs of throughout the years and I cannot wait to see what is in store in the years to come. I offer top quality photography at an affordable rate. I also offer payment plans! I have a very artistic eye & proper editing education. My work is worth the investment as you will not receive anything mediocre from me. I absolutely cannot wait to have you in front of my lens! 

xoxo, Nicki

Where have I traveled for shoots?

Tennessee / Kentucky / North Carolina / South Carolina / Georgia / Florida / South Dakota

Contact Me

Find both my private group & public page on facebook! 

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